About Us

It's all about the family!

Our mission is simple. While we love technology and appreciate all that technology has done to make our lives more manageable, in many forms, technology is eating away at the uninterrupted time families spend talking, laughing, and bonding together. At Funplugit, our mission is to make it effortless for busy families to come together each month to bond in a way that is (1) fun, (2) educational, and (3) unplugged! Below is a little about our founders and how Funplugit got started!

Our Story

Our mommy, a former corporate attorney, came up with Funplugit while she was in business school at Rice University. At the time, all three of us were under three years of age, and daddy was pulling more than his fair share of taking care of us. Mommy was constantly torn between schoolwork and spending time with our family. When she did have time to spend with the family, she struggled to find new and fun ways to spend quality time with us all at once. Despite the rigors (mommy’s word) of business school and juggling family duties, she decided to pledge to dedicate time each month to do fun activities with us all--without the use of any TVs, cell phones, laptops, or other gadgets. Eventually, it occurred to her that coming up with ideas that were enjoyable, simple, and didn’t require a long trip to the store was a difficult and exhausting task. All she wanted was for us to experience all of those cool projects she saw on Pinterest, but without all the hassle! It was at that time that the Funplugit concept was born. She told her classmate, Corey, about the idea and they got to work; the rest is history. Funplugit makes simple and fun unplugged quality time with family easier for busy families by giving them a creative idea and all the materials in a box mailed to their doorstep. We’re proud of our mommy and the whole Funplugit team. We’re always happy when we see a new Funplugit box on the kitchen table! We are funpluggers for life!

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